Sunday, July 20, 2008

Bonneville Shoreline Trail — Provo Canyon Section

Two weeks ago I decided to take Saturday morning and ride a trail I'd never ridden before. Instead of parking near the trailhead, I parked several miles down at the mouth of Provo Canyon. The trail guide I'd read gave misinformation but after a little confusion I found the trail and began the mile-long climb. The guide says it's "only 500 feet but it feels like more" and that's the truth. It was a medium-intermediate technical singletrack that eventually turned into a fast sometimes single- sometimes doubletrack with almost no climbing for the other 5 miles.

There was some beautiful lookout points and a wicked downhill to top it off.


AnnieOfBlueGables said...

that's beautiful. We are all cheering you two on. for the epic ride, even if it is a simple one, for the fact that you are both wonderful dads, and family men, for the house selling and for the pe exam. You Go Guys!


Anonymous said...

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