Monday, April 14, 2008

Another (sometime in the future) Epic

Check out the North Umpqua trail near Roseburg Oregon.

It's a 79 mile ride with 11 distinct segments. Including one called Dread and Terror. While I didn't see the total vertical feet listed on the site, the trail starts at around 1000 and tops off at 6000 feet above see level. Sounds like my kind of ride!

I've actually seen this trail while driving down the North Umpqua canyon on my way to my in-law's home. The canyon itself is a breath-taking drive. A white-knuckle drive if done at night.

In addition to the write-ups about the trail, the site is surprisingly well designed - especially considering that the BLM created it. I didn't expect the BLM to pull out all the stops and come up with such niceties as a Flash-based zoom-able map of the trail, or bother polishing the UI as much as they did. Kudos, guys.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Adios to my Dream Bike

Ok, I have to admit, my new Stumpjumper is pretty much my dream bike. Ever since I stared mountain biking, I've wanted a Stumpjumper. Everything from the solid components to the superfly design to the cool name, has made me want to own one.

I hadn't considered I'd ever own such a bike. I figured one of slightly less caliber would fit the bill. I'd planned to buy something that would fit my needs in my ride style, quality of components/frame, and ideally would fit within my budget.

This bike meets most of those needs and exceeds in some. So I think I'll take it back. It's just a little TOO much bike.

It was good while it lasted...