Friday, December 21, 2007

Extreme Winter Biking

So I've done a few winter rides. It's cold, sure, but it's fun. I've never had a strong to desire to get out in the cold and do any kind of extreme riding. Everything I did was limited to short >10 mile rides.

But after running across Jill's adventures as documented on NPR's site I started considering it a little more seriously.

Wouldn't it be cool, after we conquer the CT or the GDT that we go out and do a short 100 mile winter ride?

Regardless of your biking ambitions, her blog is well worth checking out. She documents all her training as she prepares for the Iditabike - a 350 mile tour following the Iditarod trail. In Alaska. In February.

This woman is all kinds of hard-core!

Jill also posted a few links to some '80's style documentaries about an Iditabike race back in the day.

For your viewing pleasure I'm embedding them below.

Part one:

Part two:

Part three:

Crazy thing - they did this on old-school skinny tires!

Thursday, December 20, 2007

OPEC Can Keep Their Oil

Ok, with the exception of no helmet and the fact I don't drink beer, I really like this ad.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Catching On

It was really interesting to see how exercise has transformed the women in Caren's family. I watched as woman after woman lost weight, ran 5k's and 10k's. Women who'd never run much more than a mile - and that was back in high school - women who didn't have treadmills or jogging strollers who, in order to get their miles in, would jog up and down their driveway because they couldn't leave their kids at home alone. I watched as everyone of them cut their calories and began to eat healthier and subsequently lost pound after pound.

I watch how person after person comes up to Caren to tell her how good she looks she responds with what a difference exercise and a proper diet has made.

And now that I'm striving toward a goal to exercise for 60@5 and to, at least, overcome inconsistency, I'm starting to see others catch on. Now both Mike and Mom are working toward a 60 day goal with me (thanks guys!!). I even had a woman in our neighborhood tell me that she's now been out for 2 weeks straight and feels it's made all the difference in the world to her.

Rock on for the power of good influences - and thanks, Caren for getting me going!

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Late Night Procrastination

So...I still need to go exercise. I had all day today to exercise, but have put it off. However, as I continue working toward this 60 day goal with Andrew, I am procrastinating less and less. Part of it stems from exercising in the basement with my Gazelle. Concrete walls, squeaky Gazelle...Enough said.

Luckily the Gazelle days will be more limited. Jenny and I purchased a Treadmill tonight for our Christmas present. And probably birthday and next Christmas too. Serendipity was my friend tonight though. We had hit a "Sale" where it was $400 off the normal MSRP. I take those suggested prices with a grain of salt. I figured we were getting an OK deal. Well just before I checked out, the guy behind me tapped me on the shoulder and said I should try using the 25% off coupon for friends and family. The sales lady said, "Well, you can be my friend." and promptly knocked another 200 off of the sales price. If I would have had the presence of mind, I would have bought the guys stuff for him as he just saved me a bucketload of cash! For future reference, check out, or and search your favorite store to see if they have any additional sales deals.

Now why is this going on the Epic Ride blog? I guess it is for two reasons: 1. The ER seems to be focused on exercise right now in preparation for the "Ride." (I would like to have more than one "Ride" maybe it should end in an 's'. No that doesn't sound good, nevermind) This is another tool for me to continue to get fit. I think if I spent the entire winter using that gazelle, I would be a little less sane come spring. 2. I just forgot reason 2, but it was a good one. Oh I guess it helps add value to me about how 'Epic' this ride is going to be. Lots of preparation, lots of focus.

Well enough procrastination. Time to hit the Gazelle.